Monday, December 10, 2007

Keeping Press Releases Interesting

Most press releases are boring and don't appeal to the general public and many don't even appeal to the editors they are written for. The key to writing a good press release is to make it interesting from the start. A bad title or first paragraph can destroy a great press release. Here is the first paragraph and title of one that is different.

LogicBright CRM writes:

LogicBright CRM Fights the Software Obesity War

The obesity epidemic rages on and costs billions of dollars annually; one company is trying to put a stop to the obesity – in software at least. LogicBright CRM is fighting the software obesity war (SOW) by providing small businesses with a faster, lighter contact and lead management system that will save them money.

As you can see, this release takes a different approach to their announcement. They could have just said, "We have this new small business crm software" but instead they made it interesting and creative.

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