Monday, December 15, 2008

How Managed Print Services Reduces Costs

It is no secret that one of the easiest ways to save your business money is to run more efficiently. That is why so many businesses have begun tracking the cost of toner. Reducing your toner costs can yield a large amount of savings, but the savings are limited because of the inefficiencies that are involved when a company manages their own printer fleet.
This is why many money-conscious businesses are turning to Managed Print Services (MPS). Like the name implies MPS basically means you rely on a specialized IT company to help plan, implement and service your printer fleet.

They have the expertise to incorporate new printers into the network with the expectation of increasing productivity and efficiency while reducing costs. By having your printing network planned and managed by one vendor your business saves a substantial amount of time fixing IT problems, ordering toner and implementing new document management systems.

• Save up to 30% of your print costs
• Reduce the number of printers
• Service, implementation and supplies from one vendor
• Document Management properly configured
• Reduce energy consumption and waste

Printer and toner costs are the final part of the equation for MPS. There is more to printer and toner costs than the pure price alone. Don’t force a square peg into a round hole. Finding the right printer for the job can save thousands. The primary consideration for a printer should be reliability. Nothing costs a company more money than downtime. The second thing to look for is the cost of the consumables; this includes the toner and drums. Many companies such as HP and Lexmark have inexpensive toners but they do not yield nearly as much as their competitors resulting in much higher costs. Companies like Kyocera can help reduce toner costs and have one of the lowest TCO (total cost of ownerships).

Even if your business’ printers are new and you believe you have an efficient printer fleet having an outside MPS vendor may help you see the base of the iceberg more clearly.

If you are based in the Kansas or Missouri area one vendor that provides Kyocera products and manaaged print service is called Tekniq Data Corp. Copy machine and printers

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